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Families love The Room To Grow!

See what people are saying about our schools and communities.

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"We fell in love with RTG from first sight. We, and our daughter, appreciate and love this unique place and community. RTG's team is dedicated to enable our kids to grow, to learn and to play. To gain essential social skills and to enjoy, to experiment with new adventures and projects, and to feel free to run barefoot. This unique combination makes RTG a special gem and a significant place for our family."

Iden Tendler

"We'd probably have left California, but we love Room to Grow and its community so dang much. The environment has been perfectly challenging and empowering for our daughter, so were sticking around town to give her younger sister the same inspired preschool experience. Room to Grow really lives its philosophy everyday, in every interaction - it's not just a sales pitch, it's the real culture. And it's awesome."

Andrew Courter

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"The school fosters a tight multi-age community and close relationships between children and adults, so my child felt seen and appreciated. The teachers encourage the children to act with compassion and intention as they empower the children to explore in their areas of interest, taking each child's interests seriously. I was particularly fond of the art and literacy aspects of the program.The children had so many opportunities to explore with different materials for prolonged periods of time. My child saw this as an opportunity to create, explore, experiment and master materials and tools."

Jen Tonks

"We loved the teachers, the parent community, the commitment to project and inquiry based learning, the emphasis on social/emotional development, the quality of the conversations happening between the teachers and children, the way our son was covered in dirt and paint at the end of his day, the way the staff leaned in each time we had a question or concern, the lasting friendships we formed with other families. This school is a gem."

Rachel Tucker

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"Our family loves The Room To Grow. The teachers and director are energetic, loving, creative, and communicate well with us. There is an outdoor space that is always open, and the teachers reconfigure the classroom with new and creative activities so the kids stay curious and engaged. I really appreciate the school's individual support for my son --he had a difficult transition but they school worked with him, and a few months into the school year, he blended in just fine with the rest of the class and had formed sweet bonds with his teachers and classmates."

Caitlin Hogan

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