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The San Francisco school resides at 3786 Mission Street, between Bernal Heights and Glen Park. It is the perfect setting for children to appreciate all that the city has to offer. We are steps from three MUNI lines that can take us to the beach or to Civic Center. We have a BART station in nearby Glen Park that allows us to visit Fairy Land in Oakland and Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose. We are equally likely to be on foot exploring the neighborhoods or the Canyon in Glen Park, the plant nursery on Bayshore, or one of several local parks.


The outdoor space is an extension of the classroom. Children can move freely in and out for the majority of the day, and projects often extend outside as well. Our diverse and talented teaching team brings their unique interests to the classroom. Children can expect to have regular and frequent exposure to movement exploration, music and singing, yoga, storytelling and story dictation, cooking and baking, as well as the myriad projects that emerge from the unique interests of the community of children throughout the year.


We have a few openings still available for the 2024-25 school year.
If you're interested in visiting the school please reach out via the contact form for a private tour.

Families interested in enrollment beyond August 2024: Fall Open House dates will be available by September 1st, 2024.
For general questions, please view our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.


teacher woody

WOODY (pronouns: he/him)

I started teaching at RTG over a decade ago, and I've had the immense privilege of working with some truly phenomenal families who have been part of our community with two and three children! It's been a joyful and humbling experience that has shaped me into the unique specimen that I am today. My dream is to eventually have a bronze statue in the backyard that is actually made of chocolate and comes equipped with a water slide. Besides being a thoughtful and observant resource for children as they navigate tough social engagements, I'm a very entertaining song and dance man who can communicate fluently with both hand and finger puppets. I am also an aficionado of the Frances Badger books - I find that I relate to the characters as much as children do, and there are countless life lessons embedded in the sweet stories. I have been known to make a West African peanut soup that'll make your head spin and can eat an unhealthy number of Ferrer-Rocher candies. My wife and I have a dog named Taco who is a very good and small dog, and we recently added a long haired chihuahua named Walter who has huge ears and snores when he sleeps. We love to travel and I'm looking forward to Greece and Morocco very soon. My heroes are all the people I know who I can count as family or friends. I'm very very lucky to have such amazing people in my life who are unfailingly inspiring.

teacher Amy

AMY (pronouns: she/her)

After completing my master’s degree in animal behavior, I moved to the Bay Area for an internship in marine science. However, I quickly realized my days side-hustling as a nanny were WAY more meaningful than quiet days at the lab. Pivoting full-time into early childhood education was the best decision (and I’ve had many parents comment on the relevancy of my original field of study!)

I bring a love of reading, writing, and storytelling into the program at RTG. I look forward to sharing these interests with your child through our program’s journaling project.

teacher Christina

CHRISTINA (pronouns: she/her)

Observing the genius of the developing brain as a new parent sparked my ongoing interest in human development, and led me to become a dedicated early childhood educator. My approach to being a classroom teacher and the facilitator of a daily movement group are informed and enriched by my other favorite life roles of being a mom, a learner and a collaborative dance artist.

teacher mariam

MARIAM (pronouns: she/her)

I have a track record of working with kids of different ages from kindergarten to eighth grade for over five years. At age 23, when I graduated from college in Psychology, I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to working with kids in educational environments. I previously worked as an after-school teacher for Mission Graduates, teaching preschool and first grade. In 2018, when I emigrated to San Francisco, I became an au pair while learning English as a Second Language at City College of San Francisco (CCSF). I'm currently attending CCSF to pursue courses in Early Childhood Education. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, reading, and taking dance lessons. 

teacher Jenny

JENNY (pronouns: she/her)

I have always been interested in young children, but when I enrolled my own children into a parent coop preschool and started working in the classroom I discovered that preschool was definitely my happy place. I have worked in a variety of early childhood settings ever since. I strive to make the classroom a safe and nurturing environment that allows children and adults to learn and grow. I have a background in special education and parent education

in addition to early childhood development.

I am a Bay Area native and have three grown children and two grandsons who I try to spend as much time with as possible. I love to read and travel when I can and just enjoy life !

The Room To Grow San Francisco

3786 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94110


License #384001473

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